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"Once you've played for this club, you're always welcomed back for the rest of your life, you become Chelsea and it becomes you.
Chelsea Football Club
chelsea is the colour

Hi you lovies

As maybe some of you know I gave away my main blog but I still have this precious Chelsea side-blog. I thought it would be a shame if I don’t use it anymore because a) I fucking love this club more than anything in the world b) I still sometimes want to try like literally tRY photoshop (i suck at it but who caresssss) c) did I already mention that this club is my life????? Anyway I want to say that we have two sunshines who will run this blog with me

Lauren (azpi) & Niky (orestisskarnezis)

have a good day (although most of u wont because /chelsea/)


xx. roya

─ Anonymous ─
Um hi, I just saw ur chelsea edit (the carefree one) n I was wondering how u put gifs inside those thingys (I'm sry idk what to call them) could u help please? It would mean a lot.

hi, I suck at explaining lol whats new but so it’s just, you take a logo or whatever you have, you put it on a background and copy the gif on it then select ALL THE GIFS, RIGHTCLICK then select “create clipping mask”, if it’s unclear don’t be afraid to ask more questions haha

xx. roya

Before the Everton game: “It’s not your job in the team to score goals, but are you anxious to get your first Chelsea goal?”

"Yeah, like you said it’s not my job, but sometimes I have to, so I hope it’s going to be today."